Soy Constituency Celebrates Education Equality with NGCDF Scholarship Launch


“For our society to be truly equal, it must start with education,” declared Kiplagat at the launch

The Soy NGCDF scholarship program's inaugural launch took flight, offering wings to 75 students for their entire four years at Loreto Matunda and many more across Soy's schools. The program envisions a future where equal opportunities fuel individual and community success.

Soy Constituency in Uasin Gishu Tuesday  took a major step towards education equality with the launch of the Inaugural Soy NGCDF scholarship program, presided over by Member of Parliament David Kiplagat.

The program promises to empower hundreds of students from vulnerable backgrounds, paving the way for a brighter future for the entire community.

Championing Education for All

“For our society to be truly equal, it must start with education,” declared Kiplagat at the launch. “This year, we have successfully sponsored 75 needy students for their entire four years of tuition at Loreto Matunda, and 60 boys have received support to join their chosen schools.”

Kiplagat’s vision extends beyond individual scholarships. He envisions a future where access to quality education is democratized, minimizing social disparities. “With equal opportunities in education, we can bridge the gap between social classes,” he emphasized.

The ambitious program aims to reach even further, targeting up to 3,000 vulnerable students across all 46 Day secondary schools in Soy Constituency. “We are finalizing plans to sponsor 50-100 students per school, focusing on day schools and identifying beneficiaries through a transparent and needs-based selection process,” Kiplagat explained.

Investing in Futures, Building a Brighter Tomorrow

David Koskei, Chairman of NGCDF Soy Constituency, reiterated the program’s commitment to long-term support. “For students accepted into National and extra-County schools, we will cover their entire four-year tuition fees,” he assured. “And we will extend the same comprehensive scholarship to students from designated day schools, 50 per school, benefiting all 46 day schools in Soy.”

Hillary Busolo, Chairperson of Soy Bursary, emphasized the program’s fair and transparent selection process. “We utilized the IEBC portal to verify beneficiaries’ eligibility based on parental ID and date of birth, ensuring scholarships stay within Soy Constituency,” he explained. “Community verification through chiefs and Nyumba Kumi officials further guarantees that the support reaches those who truly need it.”

The launch of the NGCDF scholarship program marks a significant milestone for Soy Constituency. By prioritizing education as a cornerstone of social equality and individual empowerment, Soy is investing in a brighter future for generations to come.

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