Sirikiwa Squatters Leadership Row ,ahead of Supreme Courts decision


A Section of Original Sirikwa squatters at the disputed 25,000 acre farm/Photo James Gitaka

By James Gitaka


The wrangles over ownership of a 25,000-acre land associated with
former nominated MP the late Mark Too, continues to elicit different
twists as another group of squatters from Kambi Turkana has moved to
court seeking to stop distribution of the land to Sirikwa squatters
who were awarded the same  by the court of appeal in November.


The more than 600 Kambi Turkana squatters claim to legally own some
3,000 acres of the same land that was awarded to Sirikwa squatters.


Led by their chairman John Erinyit through their lawyer Nathan Oburu,
they said that they have been living in the disputed land for more
than two decades hence they have a right to get a share of their 3,000


The Kambi Turkana squatters have expressed fear that if the ruling by
court appeal will be upheld by the Supreme court their members are
likely to be evicted by Sirikwa squatters who they claim to be
impostors and not genuine squatters.



“Majority of the people who claim to be Sirikwa squatters are
residents of Kaplalachy and they are not genuine squatters but
impostors using the name Sirikwa for their selfish interests,” said Mr



Mr Erinyit said his members are extremely disappointed with the


court of appeal ruling which did not factor in their case which is still
active in court.



“We are wondering the parameter that the court of appeal used to make
such a ruling in favour of Sirikwa squatters yet our case on the same
land is still in court.We are also still waiting for the outcome of
the search and survey of the same land which was ordered by the high
court. Already Sirikwa squatters have started invading this land
threatening to evict us from our 3,000 acres,” said Mr Erinyit.


They now want the court to suspend any demarcation in the land until
their discontent is addressed within the rule of law.


Lawyer Oburu warned that if the demands of his clients are not going
to be addressed amicably there is a looming danger revolving around
the disputed land.


“Issues raised by my clients must be given serious attention bearing
in mind that this matter has attracted public interest and as a
consequence it needs to be addressed with seriousness without blinking
,” said Mr Oburu.


Mr Oburu said his clients have been able to prove the ownership of
3,000 acres of the disputed land.


He said that the court is expected to deliver a ruling on their
application through a notice of motion.


The court battles over ownership of the same land emanated from a
presidential directive made about 20 years ago in relation to
25,000-acre tract of land spreading from Eldoret International


The land was formerly owned by East African Tanning Extract Company
(Eatec) Ltd in Eldoret.


Already the family of the former MP has appealed to the Supreme court.


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