Bungoma County Secondary School 2023 Games Competitions kick off at Bungoma High School


“ I want to call upon all teams to embrace a high sense of discipline and sportsmanship in these games”

The   2023  Bungoma  County  Secondary   Schools    Games  Competitions   have  officially  kicked  off  at  the  Bungoma  High  school  Grounds  in  Kanduyi  Constituency .

Speaking  during the  official  opening  of the  games  which  have brought   on  board  teams  from  all  the  12  sub-counties of Bungoma county   ,the  Bungoma  County  chief  officer  in-charge  of  Housing  and  Municipalities  Mr  Denson   Barasa  noted  that  Governor  Ken  Lusaka  is  keen in  ensuring  that  his government  nurtures  the  sporting  talents   amongst  students.

According  to  Mr  Barasa ,Governor  Lusaka  will  soon  advertise  the  vacancy for  Director  of  Sports  Bungoma  County  Urging  Teachers  to  take note  of  the  noble  opportunity  and apply  for  it.

During  the  event  Mr  Barasa  donated  a trophy  and  Kshs  10,000  for  the  competitions  kitty  and  kshs  5,000  towards  the  Officials  refreshments.

The   Bungoma  county secondary  schools  sports  Association  Chairperson  Mrs  Florence  Mukangula  urged  all  the  teachers  to ensure  that  they  only  engage  students  to  participate  into  the  tournament ,warning  that  any  school  that  will  go  against  the  rule  will  be  disqualified  from  the  competitions.

Mrs  Mukangula  warned  that  any  school  principal  or teacher  whose school  will be found   engaging  non-students  as  per the  Ministry  of  Education  Guidelines  as  players  of  their  various  teams  could   face Interdiction.

“  I want  to  call  upon  all  teams  to embrace  a high  sense  of discipline  and sportsmanship  in  these  games  as  our  officials  cum  Referees  will  be  up to  task , said  Mrs  Mukangula.”

Her  Sentiments  were  echoed  by  her  Vice-Secretary  Mr  Andrew  Wafubwa  who  noted  that  any complaints  from  the  participating  teams  should  be  reported  as  soon as possible  in order to avoid  late  complains  over  any  misbehavior  cum cheating  in  the  exercise.

On  his  part  the  Bungoma  county  and  Western  region   chapter  Chairman  of  the   Kenya  Secondary  schools  Heads  Association  Mr  Bikala  Situma  called  upon  teachers  leading the  teams  to  only  use  students  from  their  schools and  avoid  any attempts  to  engage  locals.

Mr  Bikala  also stressed  on  the  need of  the players  to  embrace  a high  sense  of discipline  ,urging  Referees to  take  note  of  fairness  and Professionalism  when engaging  the  teams  in the  field.

According  to  KUPPET  Bungoma  county  Executive  Secretary  general  Mr  Augustine  Kundu  Luketelo  said  that schools have  suffered  setbacks    due to lack  of  enough  capitation  to fund  the  sports.

He  has  said  that  they  have engaged  the  Ministry  of  Education  to  add  more  money  to the  kitty  to assist  Teachers  in managing  the  teams  plus  additional  pay  to  the  Referees  officiating  the  Matches.

“  Kindly Teachers    Don’t bring  us  non-students  to these  competitions it is  not  a matter of  life  and  death  to go  to the  Regional  Competitions ,said  Mr  Luketelo.  ”

The  Bungoma  County  Director  of  Education  Mr  Pius  Ng’oma  and  the  Quality  assurance  standards  Director  Mr  Caleb  Omondi  urged  the  officials  to ensure  that  all  the participating  students  have  valid  documents  before  the  start of the  various  matches.

Mr Ng’oma told all teams to accept results.

Some of  the  participating  schools include  Bungoma  High  School  in  Rugby , St  Mary’s  Kibabii  high  School,  St  Teresa’s  Kabula  high  school, Kapsokwony  Boys  High  School, Bukembe  Boys  high  school , Lwanda  Girls  High  School    to  mention  but  a few.

The  County  competitions  are  slated  to  end  on  Saturday  ,thereafter  the  winning  teams  will  proceed  to  the  Western  region  competitions  slated  to be held  in  Kakamega  County.


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Bungoma County

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