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By Peninah Akinyi


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has castigated the previous administration for the challenges being experienced in the new education system.

According to the deputy President the competency Based Curriculum (CBC) was rushed without proper public participation.

“The previous administration rolled out  a system without engaging the stakeholders, they needed to talk to the teachers and parents so as to get their views on this.” Said Gachagua .

Gachagua also noted the president has directed the Minister for Education Ezekiel Machogu to make sure that no child is banned from going to class on an account of not having a uniform for the junior secondary school.

There are good elements in CBC but there are quite a number of issues that require serious reforms.

“We have agreed as a government that we are not doing away with CBC but there are going to be a number of reforms to make it work,”said the deputy President.

He has further said they have recently gathered views from the teachers and parents on how to make this system work.

“We are waiting for the final report which will be ready by the end of the month on the various recommendations on how to reform CBC and other reforms in the education sector, “he opined.

A  section of  parents across  the country  have  had   mixed  reactions over  the  CBC with some claiming it was  taking a  tall on their  financial demands.

However no solution seems  to be in the offing regarding the  rolling out of the curriculum.

The competency based Curriculum has received a range of criticism since its inception in the previous administration prompting President William Ruto  to on September 30th last year appoint a task force to evaluate the Competence based Curriculum.



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