Kerio valley;Government orders civilians to vacate the following areas within 24 hours!


Kithure Kindiki Cabinet Secretary for Internal Security/Photo Courtesy

Security Operations in the disturbed areas of Kerio Valley intensified,

Hundreds of Heavily armed bandits Holed Up in the Following hide outs:-

  • Korkoron Hills, Tandare Valley and Silale Gorges in Baringo
  • Mukogodo Forest; Kamwenje, Warero and Ndonyoriwo;
    Lekuruki Hills, Losos and Kiape Caves and Sieku Valley in
    Laikipia County.
  • Ltungai Conservancy, Longewan, Nasuur, Lochokia and
    Lekadaar Escarpments; Lolmolok Caves, Pura Valley, Malaso
    Escarpment and Suguta Valley in Samburu County.
  • Kapelbok, Nakwamoru, Lebokat, Ombollion, Nadome and
    Kamur caves in Turkana County; the Turkwell Escarpment at
    the interface of West Pokot and Turkana Counties.

“The above specified spaces are hereby declared scenes of crime
and any person found therein from Monday 13th March 2023 0830
HOURS will be treated as a suspect of armed banditry, or as a
suspect of aiding and abetting banditry, or an accessory after the


Apart from aircrafts taking part in the ongoing security
operation, low altitude overflight by any other aircraft over any of
the afore specified areas have beeny BANNED with effect 12th Sunday.

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