Rupa’z Fun and Fitness Centre,unveils inter-school swimming gala!


Rupa’z Fun and Fitness Centre Eldoret, Saturday unveiled inter- school swimming gala with over 20 schools participating/Photo Henry Bitok

The Rupa’z Fun and Fitness Centre, Eldoret Saturday unveiled inter- school swimming gala where over 20 primary schools in the North Rift region participated.

According to Linet Ochieng , an administrator at Rupa’z  Fun and Fitness Centre, they have been training schools for swimming competitions for the past one year,a move she  says is  essential for nurturing the young talents in the sport which is rarely ventured.

“The region is talented in sporting activities especially athletics, however there is  a lot of potential for the region to excel in other sporting activities  such as swimming  and other indoor  games,we can realize this by nurturing these  talents at a tender age” Said Ochieng.

Over 20 primary schools in the North Rift region participated in the inter-school swimming gala/Photo Henry Bitok

We need to tap and grow talents in order to realize our full potential both as a region and a country, She added.

The sporting activity slated to be an annual event is essential in fighting mental health issues ,as sports keeps the learners fit amid reports on the rise of mental health disorders in Kenya.

“In Kenya, it is estimated that one in every 10 people suffer from a common mental disorder, sports help us  a great deal to keep us  mentally fit, I would encourage more schools and even individuals to take part in such sporting activities for their mental well-being” Said Maureen Jerono from the Rupa’z Fitness Centre.

Winners will receive cash prizes, trophies and certificates of participation.

Rupa’z Fun N Fitness Centre is a state-of-the-art creative hub with fun and fitness resources laid out within the entity

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