Kenya Bureau of Standards Warns of Non-Compliant Animal Feeds in North Rift Region


“Out of 17 brands of poultry and dairy feeds analyzed, only one met all required standards,”

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Farmers in the North Rift region of Kenya are urged to exercise caution, as the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) raises critical concerns about the widespread prevalence of non-compliant animal feeds.

In a recent media engagement, Vincent Cheruiyot, KEBS North Rift Regional Manager, revealed a troubling finding: “Alarmingly, out of 17 analyzed brands of poultry and dairy feeds, only one fully met the established quality standards.” This signifies a rampant issue of substandard feed formulations potentially jeopardizing livestock health and productivity.

Cheruiyot pinpointed protein and mineral deficiencies as the primary culprits, often stemming from improper formulation practices. The reliance on imported raw materials further amplifies concerns, with Kenya heavily dependent on Tanzania for critical protein sources like cottonseed cake, sunflower, and omena-sardine fish. This external dependence raises questions about quality control and potential supply chain vulnerabilities.

Recognizing the urgency of this matter, KEBS proposes  has  urged farmers to Foster Local Raw Material Production: By encouraging and supporting increased domestic production of these essential ingredients, Kenya can potentially mitigate reliance on imports and potentially enhance feed quality through closer oversight.

It is critical that farmers are aware of these widespread deficiencies and take necessary precautions to safeguard their animals’ health and well-being,” concluded Cheruiyot. “KEBS remains committed to working with stakeholders to improve the quality of animal feeds in the region and ensure fair market practices.”

This timely intervention by KEBS underscores the necessity for immediate action to address the widespread issue of non-compliant animal feeds in the North Rift region.

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