Drama in an Eldoret court as man demands DNA test of their child


Business at an  Eldoret court was temporarily halted after a woman caused
a scene as she frog matched and manhandled a man she sired with a baby
boy out of wedlock, accusing him of abdicating his parental

Court orderlies had to rush and separate the couple from fighting
within the court compound after differing over the issue of the DNA
test which the man who called himself a “hustler” was vouching for.

The estranged husband wants the child to be subject to a DNA test with
a view to determine the true biological father, an idea that was
vehemently opposed by the boy’s mother.

The man had through an application filed in court demanded for a DNA
test before he could undertake responsibility for the upkeep of the

The woman in her mid twenties, had a bitter exchange with the man
accusing him of wanting to evade his responsibility by demanding a DNA

“This is your son. I am the mother and I know it .You can’t subject
our ailing baby to DNA yet you know very well you are the father,” the
woman shouted to the man outside the court.

It took the intervention of security officers at the court to quell
the situation from getting out of hand.

Despite resistance from the woman, the man insisted that he will hold back
all the assistance that he has been offering to the minor until a DNA
test is done to ascertain his paternity.

The man said that he had realized that the woman was in a relationship
with other men by the time she delivered the baby boy.

“I have just realized that during our relationship, the woman had some
other men and I am not sure if the baby is mine. I might be taking
care of someone else’s baby. I am ready to pay for DNA costs,”
retorted  the man.

Relatives of the woman who had accompanied her in court together with
her father almost physically assaulted the man as he insisted that
DNA is a must.

“You have ruined the future of my daughter and yet you are talking
about DNA.I am going to deal with you,” the woman’s father ranted at
the man during a fierce exchange of words outside an Eldoret court.

Already the accused man has moved to court under certificate of
urgency seeking an order for a DNA test.

The court has already certified the application as urgent.

“The court stated that the DNA of respective parties be conducted to
determine the true paternity of the minor,” stated the court.

The matter will be mentioned on February 27.

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