Women’s Lobby group fearful of Raila’s political gatherings


Raila Odinga's recent Jacarand rally In Nairobi /Photo Courtesy

By Dianah Chelagat


A women’s lobby group  in Uasin Gishu County “Teech-gaa Women Group” has condemned a lineup of  political gatherings organized by the opposition leader Raila Odinga.


Speaking to the press in Eldoret town, their chair lady Mary Tarus urged the former prime minister  to provide an enabling  environment to  president William Ruto’s government to resuscitate the  ailing economy.


” As Teech-gaa women group we want to condemn with the strongest terms possible the political rallies that are being organized by the opposition and Azimio leader Raila Odinga, this is uncalled for and not good for our Country just a few months after the August polls,” said Tarus while speaking to the press.



Chairlady Teech-gaa, Mary Tarus/Photo Dianah Chelagat


“We want to tell Raila  Odinga that the August  elections are behind us   and we are now in the mood of economic recovery, we don’t  need  setbacks  that are aimed at raising  political temperatures,” she added.


The  lobby  group has  also urged Uasin Gishu Governor  Jonathan Bii not  to allow the  said  Azimio political gatherings  within the  county,


“I am also calling upon our able governor Jonathan Bii not to allow Raila Odinga to conduct his demonstrations in our County since we are tired of politics and now we want development,” she said.


Josephine Biwot  noted  that  women had  held  numerous  prayers for a peaceful pre  and post-elections and  the  planned  political gatherings  by the  opposition are  only  aimed at disrupting prevailing peace in the country,


Teech-gaa Womens group


“We urge the Azimio leader to accept the election results and avoid holding rallies that could split Kenyans and cause disunity, Kenyans  have  since moved on ,” said Josephine.


Medinah Abdirahman another Teech-gaa  member added that there was need  to forge  forward and  that leaders  should  unite and rally  Kenyans towards The Country’s  economic recovery,


“Let’s work hard,live in peace and leave aside demonstrations in order to take our country forward”


Opposition leader Raila Odinga held a mega rally at the historic Jacaranda grounds on 29th  January .


This is the second gathering  as part of his political resistance against Ruto’s government.


Raila has claimed that Ruto did not trounce him in the August 9 polls and he therefore must resign as President.


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