Wilson Sossion  underscores the importance of the CAS position !


“ I served in the education ministry for a long time and I saw the value of the CAS,”

Wilson Sossion - Former KNUT Secretary general

By Camilla Lunani


Tourism Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) nominee Wilson  Sossion  has opened up on the High Court’s ruling declaring his position alongside 49 others as unconstitutional.


The court on Monday ruled that public participation in the formation of the CAS position was only conducted for 23 occupants and the creation of additional 27 did not conform to the constitutional requirements of public participation.


Even so, Sossion on Tuesday appeared on Citizen TV’s day break show,expressing the value of the CAS in terms of service delivery.


The Former Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary general,stated that the ongoing disagreement is due to constitutional gaps following the abolishment of the assistant ministers post whose role he insisted is needed.


“ I served in the education ministry for a long time and I saw the value of the CAS, they strengthened the administration and the service delivery of the ministry” Sossion said.


Sossion concurred with Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Beatrice Elachi that ministries need another  cudre of  leaders other than the Cabinet secretaries ( CSs) and Principal Secretaries (PSs) to enhance service  delivery within the  ministries.


“The most important thing is delivering service, It is an investment to deliver and give value. I agree with Elachi that these positions are valid with the motive of strengthening the operations of state departments administratively,” he said.


According to Sossion, The CAS’s take an administrative role in the ministry which is distinct from CSs supervisory role and PSs’ accounting functions.


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