“Western countries forcing LGBTQ on us” ,Anglican Archbishop Ole Sapit Claims!


-“it’s  against religious  teachings  and even the  African culture to force down the acceptance of  alien practices-

Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit

By Victoria Chesang

The Clergy in Kenya  has  emphasized  the  need for the  ongoing  Bipartisan talks  to engage  further  on how to bring down the  cost of Living.

The Sixth Kenyan Anglican bishop Jackson Soore Ole Sapit has supported the extension of the National Dialogue talks in order to discuss extensively on the thorny issue of the Cost of Living following the plummeting prices of basic commodities.

Ole Sapit  who is  on a development  tour in the County  of  Uasin Gishu  has expressed the  church’s support on the ongoing  talks stating that the proportional conversation  has  stabilized  the  political temperatures in the  country.

‘I genuinely support the bipartisan talk as it will stabilize our country ‘Ole Sapit added ‘it is wise compared to going to the streets and using violence, our leaders should put their issues on a negotiation table”

He further pleaded with the  leaders of the two parties to always consider an appropriate method of solving their differences  for the benefit of Kenyan Citizens  and for the sake of peace mentioning  the ongoing war between Palestine and Israel which has left  hundreds of people dead with thousands homeless , hospitalized and displaced .

Additionally , Bishop Ole Sapit  has urged  the  government to  review  the  tax  regime saying it  was hurting the economy ,

 “The current tax regime is not  friendly to the middle  and lower  class citizens who drive the economy , we urge the government to review some of these taxes that  are over burdening its  citizenry by putting in place  the right policies ” Ole Sapit articulated.

The Vocal Anglican Bishop was however  unapologetic demanding the government to make  clear its  stand on the matter of  LGBTQ’

“it’s  against religious  teachings  and even the  African culture to force down the acceptance of  alien practices  such as LGBTQ that have  been propagated  by some western countries, The government  should  remain firm”Ole Sapit  opined .

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