Unbelievable what Kitale based Journalists did to Trans Nzoia Woman rep Lilian Siyoi!


-The more than thirty journalists  have vowed  to give the  woman rep a media blackout-

Trans Nzoia Woman rep Lilian Siyoi /Image Courtesy

Drama ensued as Trans Nzoia woman rep Lilian Siyoi found herself  in a hard corner after  journalists snubbed her during a county function on Monday.

The women rep who had attended a groundbreaking ceremony for the new county government headquarter in Kitale, found herself in unfamiliar territory after journalists removed their equipment including cameras immediately she was ushered in to speak by the county CECM for Public Service Management  Sam Ojwang.

The  Kitale  based journalists  claim the Woman representative’s handlers  have in the  recent past  mishandled  the media  by  creating  divisions among the  scribes.

“The team is so daring that it does not cover any other speaker in a function rather than the women rep a good example being the Saturday tricycle distribution in kiminini where they only covered Siyoi and ran off without providing coverage for the area MP Kakai Bisau, this is  unprofessional and  uncalled  for  .”noted some of  aggrieved journalist.

Efforts by her handlers to plead with the scribes  to return their equipment fell on deaf ears as the defiant journalists walked out of the event .

The more than thirty journalists  have vowed  to give the  woman rep a media blackout  demanding a better  working environment with the  legislator

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