Uasin Gishu:Shame on Government officers disinheriting widows in Turbo Sub County!


-Local Chief has been accused of demanding sexual favours after the death of her husband

Selly Tanui Widow who has been disinherited following a letter written by the Turbo Sub County Commissioner/17th Feb 2023

Selly Tanui a resident of Chemalal,Leseru Turbo is at pain ,after The Turbo Sub-county Deputy Commissioner sanctioned the subdivision of her land Illegally in a letter dated 17th February ,2023

The letter  Directed  the County Land  Surveyor to subdivide  her 18 acre piece of  land  Leseru Block 7 ,164 AND 165 against  her  wish and that of  her extended family.

The Local chief and  assistant chief have been  accused of demanding sexual favours from the  widow after  the  demise of  her husband ,And after  turning down their  demands the  duo are  said  to work in cohort with the Deceased First wife Pauline  Boiywo who was divorced 30 years ago.

Selly has since been subjected to police harassment  on trumped -up charges.

“The  have invoked the name of  the president while persisting that i should  cede off  part of the  land located  along the Eldoret Southern By Pass,the  have  threatened to  kill me and my sons , am afraid of  my life “Cried Selly.

Police officers from Simat ,Baharini,and  Central police  station are  claimed to have been used to coerce the window into submission.

At the moment  the  widow  continues to live in hiding for  fear  of  her life.


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In Kenya, an estimated 8 million widows comprise nearly 15% of the population and  the women widows remain disadvantaged when it comes to property ownership rights.

The Enactment of  the  Widow’s  charter  which was tabled by the then senator  James  Orengo  to help protect the property rights of widows in Kenya will go along way in addressing  some of the  challenges  affecting Widows across the  country.


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