Uasin Gishu:50% abusing alcohol,20% abusing prescription drugs!


-Dr Aruasa observed  that families have broken down and crimes bolstered by alcohol and drug abuse in the country-

Dr Wilson K. Aruasa addressing the Media at MTRH

By James Gitaka

Health experts in Uasin Gishu County have  cautioned against  Alcoholism and drug abuse prevalence with at least 50 percent of the  residents reportedly  abusing  alcohol.

Research conducted by Moi Teaching and Referral hospital has revealed that  the medical sector, judiciary and  the banking  sector  are some of the  hardest  hit  with cases of alcoholism and drug abuse,

“Sometimes it might be because of the nature of  work, buildup of  stress  levels people think that by  resulting in abusing such substances to reduce  stress and  anxiety, which  is not  true” noted  MTRH CEO Dr. Wilson K. Aruasa during the International day against alcoholism and drug abuse.

Dr Aruasa observed  that families have broken down and crimes bolstered by alcohol and drug abuse in the country.

“in the  community there are a lot cases of  crime  attributed to use of  drugs and  alcohol,at the workplace  we  have lateness and  absenteeism, when a  person is  taken to the  rehabilitation centre for a 100 days   it  will definitely affect the work place”Opined the CEO

The Moi Teaching and  Referral Hospital has a 42 bed facility to rehabilitate alcoholics and drug addicts.

Dr. Chelagat Saina, in charge of the mental health department at the facility said the research also shows that alcoholism is over 50 percent in Uasin Gishu County followed by drug and substance abuse and tobacco use.

Dr  Chelagat Observed the  increasing trend of  the  abuse of  prescription drugs

“Studies  done here in Uasin Gishu, established  many people  abuse  Alcohol to a level of  50 percent followed by  tobacco use ,cannabis sativa , lately we  are noticing a lot of  prescription drugs being  abused such as  opioids,anti-histamine,painkillers  now  standing  at 20 percent” Said  Dr Saina

Health workers were at a higher risk of abusing prescription drugs due to the ease of  access compared to the  general Public.

A few days ago MTRH  staff saved  the life of   medical officer who had  injected herself  with  ketamine. It has not  yet been established where the medical officer had obtained the drug.

(Ketamine is a medication that doctors use as an anesthetic to induce loss of consciousness. Effects include sedation and pain relief.)

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