Transparency International rolls out program aimed at addressing income inequalities in Elgeiyo


Abraham Misoi,Transparency International Programs manager Kenya/Photo Elvis Wasike

By Peninah Akinyi

Transparency International Kenya(TI), Monday engaged Elgeyo Marakwet Members of County assembly in a project aimed at rallying efforts to accelerate progress which focuses on wealth and income inequalities within the region.


According to TI  Programs manager Abraham Misoi, the project mainly focuses on people living with disabilities, women and children.


“We want to see what the County government of Elgeiyo Marakwet has put in place in ensuring structures that support women, youth and people living with disabilities by giving incentives to the kind of businesses they are doing,” Said Abraham Misoi.


Misoi added the structure is meant to ensure there is transparency and accountability while also seeing to it that the marginalized groups are involved in formulation of the said structures in order to meet the community’s needs.


“We have been given insights in terms of the structures and we are moving to the next stage of ensuring there is transparency and that marginalized groups are included in decision making  regarding the said projects.


Misoi has further alluded the project has been supported by the European Union Commission through  TI secretariat in Germany and they hope by the end of the project which will be towards the end of the year 2024 they will have realized a lot of progress in engaging with the regional economic blocks.


Paul Ng’etich deputy speaker of the County assembly of Elgeyo Marakwet has assured the citizens of the county that they have planned on how this program will run to benefit the marginalized groups and raise income for the needy.


“As members of the county assembly  we are part of the team that are doing oversight to ensure the marginalized groups access government opportunities including tenders, as well as  the  thirty percent meant to benefit special interest groups.”Said Ng’etich.


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