Teachers report of unexplained spiritual attacks,KUPPET Pleads for prayers!


Teachers at Kapsaos Secondary report of unexplained spiritual attacks,KUPPET Pleads for prayers

By Dianah Chelagat

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers(KUPPET), Uasin Gishu County Executive Secretary, Elijah Kimeli Maiyo, has requested for special prayers at AIC Kapsaos Secondary school, following unexplained spiritual attacks that have been experienced by teachers in the school.

The teachers raised alarm after one witness claimed to have entered the Principal’s office and was shocked to find a teacher crying and the principal in extreme laughter while others have claimed to have seen strange creatures and images in the principal’s office.

It has been reported that several teachers have recently suffered from acute headache and withdrawal symptoms, and upon seeking   medical attention results come out negative.

Claims have been made that Muslim students in the school have been forced to abandon Islamic Religious Education (IRE) subject after the principal fired their teacher.

It is also reported that 40 Muslim students were not registered for the subject by KNEC since they were forced to register only seven Subjects.

In a Letter seen by Hubzmedia Maiyo has called upon Bishops and imams to join hands with the school staff to conduct special prayers to exorcise traces of malignant spirits in and around the schools administration block  due to the paranormal activities.

The prayers are scheduled to be held on 28th March 2023 at 1pm- 2pm, teachers from  neighboring schools have also been invited for the  prayer session.


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