Sugoi Residents decry of Insecurity as school guard is brutally murdered


Stella Ngetich widow of the late Joel Kibet Ngetich who was murdered while on Duty At Sugoi Girls Secondary school,Stella has pleaded for Justice/Photo James Gitaka

By Dianah Chelagat

The Directorate  of  Criminal Investigations has  been urged  to  hasten investigations into the heinous murder of Joel kibet  Ngetich a  security officer  who worked at The  Sugoi Girls  Secondary school in Uasin Gishu County.

Stella Ngetich, the  widow  to the  deceased, says her husband  was  brutally  murdered on Monday Night  by two suspects  who were captured  on the  Schools CCTV cameras but  since  then no   arrests have been made  in connection to the killing.

“My Husband was killed  inhumanely on Monday last week  while  performing his duties at the school as a watchman,the school did not  inform us on time about the Murder and by the time we  arrived  at the scene his body had been removed and blood  stains  washed away ,We demand  to know what  happened to my Husband”Cried Stella.

Michael kiprotich the   brother to Joel kibet says there could be  a  conspiracy to defeat justice , and has  requested the DCI  to hasten their  investigations into the Murder,

“We reached at the scene of crime  and got the body already at the police  vehicle, therefore we can’t tell how our brother was killed, when I tried to get information from the school on how my brother was killed we were informed that there was an order from  certain officers unknown to us  saying that the body  of my late brother  had  to be  removed immediately from the scene of crime and a  clean up exercise ensued thereafter ,What is  the  school hiding or  the DCI officers who are investigating  this death and who made the calls? Paused Michael.

“We don’t know if the school has  recorded any statements with the police regarding this incident , the principal should  come out  clear and tell us what the school  knows  about  this murder , they are providing  contradicting information and something  seems not  to be adding up,” he added.

Stephen Kipkemboi,son to the late Joel kibet says the family has lost the only breadwinner and that they demand compensation of their father who worked at the school for many years as a  security officer and a trustee.

“Our father was the Bread winner of the family and my young brothers and sisters are still in school. They will have nobody to pay for their school fees, therefore we want the government to help us” Said Joel.

Emily Chelimo, another family member of  the  deceased  and a staff at the Sugoi Girls school has  questioned the  delays into any arrests nor  questioning of other staff members within the  school regarding the heinous murder.

“Up to now nobody has been arrested, the police  have  not  questioned  anyone including  the  members of the family , this matter seems to be of less importance to DCI officers  because our brother was just a security officer, we have  many cases of  insecurity  at the presidents  backyard we demand  answers and justice for Joel,” Emily said.

Joel Kibet was laid to rest at his home in Sugoi on Thursday.

The Uasin Gishu DCI Boss  Peter  Kimulwo has confirmed that investigations are ongoing after the conclusion of the postmortem exercise Wednesday.


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