Sex workers in Eldoret decry condom shortage to entertain clients!


“We are happy we have  many visitors in town however there are  no rooms left for us to entertain our guests “

A section of Eldoret Sex workers/Courtesy Hubzmedia


Eldoret sex  workers  have  decried  lack of  condoms following  an influx of  guest  in Eldoret due to the ongoing 8th devolution conference that has  attracted thousands  of  visitors  from across the country .

The  sex workers  are  also In limbo despite  the  huge  number of  clients many of the hotels and  lodges  within Eldoret are  fully  booked living them with  no rooms to serve their clients

“We are happy we have  many visitors in town however there are  no rooms left for us to entertain our guests ” Said one of the sex workers

The  sex workers have  also complained of  lack of sex  lubricants  attributing condom shortage  to some of the Ministry of  health officers  who have been  selling the Government  free  condoms at a fee  of KSh 500

“We are  being exploited by the MoH doctors  especially  at the  Uasin Gishu County Hospital,they are  supposed to  freely provide  sex workers  with enough condoms, however that has not been happening  ,they are   instead  selling the condoms ”Said  Alice  Saina  the Chairperson of the  Eldoret Sex Alliance .

We  are  unable to  guarantee our clients  their  safety  from any sexually  transmitted diseases and  we cannot  protect ourselves  either. She added

The  Eldoret Sex  alliance  with a membership of  close to 10,000 girls and women  has  also complained  of  constant  harassment  from the  county inspectorate service and is now pleading with Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii to introduce empowerment programs that will better  their lives.

In the recent past some of the  sex workers have been found murdered inside  lodges in  Eldoret  , however police  have been blamed for  not bring to book those  involved  in the criminal acts,

“we  have several hotspots where  our   girls offer  their  services in Eldoret, however many are  being  targeted  for harassment and some have even being killed , however  police  are  not  treating such cases with the  seriously it  deserves”Added Saina.

The ongoing 8th devolution conference has attracted over 10,000 visitors with over 90 percent of the Hotels in Eldoret Fully booked


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