Sabatia Mp urges Leaders to work with current government


Sabatia Member of Parliament Clement Sloya/Photo Alovi Joseph

By Alovi Joseph


Sabatia Member of Parliament Clement Sloya led other leaders from Vihiga in eulogizing with the family of EX MCA Gladys Analo following the death of her mother Enes Lyavoga Shahale in Hamisi Sub-county.


The legislator who mourned Mama Enes as loving and caring called upon elected leaders to work for the electorates as a way of reciprocating their kindness.


” Tunaomba wananchi watambue uongozi uliopo. Viongozi nao tufanyie wananchi kazi.” He said.


Sloya also addressed the sorry state of learners who are unable to attend classes due to lack of school fees saying teachers ought to bear with parents as the government tries to find a solution.


“Kama mwanafunzi anatoka karibu na shule na hajalipa pesa ya chakula shuleni. Mwalimu ruhusu mwanafunzi kama huyo kurejea nyumbani saa Saba wakati wa lunch. Mtoto asikae njaaa.” He added.


Other leaders who attended the final journey of the late Enes in solidarity with Gladys includes Vihiga County deputy speaker and Gisamabi Ward MCA Erick Odei, Wodanga MCA Vincent Atsiaya, Busali ward nominated MCA Felix Miheso and former MCA and woman rep aspirant Violet Bagada.


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