Rift valley senator calls for the revival of Strategic food Reserve


A National Cereal and Produce Board Silo/Photo Courtesy

By Peninah Akinyi


With the country facing the worst drought and hunger in decades, former Uasin Gishu County governor Hon. Jackson Mandago has urged the ministry of Agriculture to revive the strategic food reserves.


Mandago castigated the previous regime for the failure to have A National strategic food reserve for the last six  years forcing the Country into unprecedented Hunger in over 22 Counties  where  rains failed .


“These people demonstrating because of high food prices were the ones responsible for the prices going up. Why was the government removing funds meant for subsidies? Why was the government removing strategic food reserves? This country there is a certain tomfoolery whereby instead of storing food at the National Cereals and Produce Board, they opted to save the money” Senator Mandago Opined.


The reasons for having the reserves were to have food whenever drought affected the nation. If you go to our food reserves there is no sight of food, not even the rats. Therefore, we call on the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure food strategic reserves are reestablished so that if there will be enough rains this year more food may be stored that will help us in case of  drought .Added the senator.


Mandago noted the purpose of constructing food Silos in different parts of the country was to ensure food security hence the need to revert back to the storage system.


“If the government could be having its own supply at the moment, we could be supplying food to the areas experiencing serious food shortages. The previous government in line with the handshake spirit facilitated the removal of the strategic food reserves and here we are as a  country  grappling with the high cost of  food  prices ,the former administration is largely to be blamed  for the current economic crisis.” Said Mandago.

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