Residents of Sambirir Ward Elgeiyo Marakwet propose priority projects to be integrated in the CIDP


Validating the Sambirir ward development plan 2022-2027 Elgeiyo Marakwet County

By Hubzmedia reporter


The National Council of Churches of Kenya a family of Christian communions and organizations, has partnered with the Marakwet Professionals in Elgeiyo Marakwet County to enhance public   participation.


The plan is to ensure members of  the public  come up with their needs that will be lined up with  the  County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP)


“The objective is to have  citizen participation in promoting household livelihoods and eradicate poverty, enhance agriculture productivity as well as  ensure better  utilization of ward resources for sustainable socio economic development, ‘Said Grace Rugut  Ncck Northrift manager.


The  Marakwet professionals who are  spearheading  the  public  participation  have  expressed  optimism that  members of  the public  will benefit more  through public participation that will enable the County Government  realize  development  projects in line with the people’s  needs.



Sambirir Residents Validating their ward development plan 2022-2027



“In every ward member s of  the  public are  having  an opportunity to  propose their  most preferred development projects that will later on be  integrated with the County Integrated development  plan,”Said One of  the Professionals



Hon Paul Suter the deputy speaker Elgeiyo Marakwet County Assembly has  noted that  there is need for every ward to come up with such master plans early enough to enable community members to offer their  input and  thus promote public participation.



The County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) is a plan prepared by all counties to guide development over a five-year period. The Public Finance Management Act, 2012 provides that no public funds shall be appropriated outside a county’s planning framework.



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