Religious leaders join hands in the fight against Sodomy


Religious leaders in Kwale County/Photo Caroline kahonzi


By Caroline Kahonzi


Plans to curb gender based violence and insecurity cases by a community based organization Kenya community support Centre Kecosce  in Kwale county have begun in earnest.


The organization  is partnering with different stakeholders in the county to come up with amicable solutions to alarming cases of GBV and insecurity .


Speaking to journalists  during  a planning  meeting with women peace network organization  at Kombani social hall ,Mwalimu Rama kecosce field officer affirmed gender based violence in Kwale continues to be on rise  every day.


“we have had a successful meeting trying to see how best women  through Joint Initiative For Strategic Religious Action JISRA   can amplify their voices to end gender based violence ,in kwale county GBV cases are alarming so we are seeking ways of  how we can do community sensitization forums ,how to reach different stakeholders and school going children to train them on effective ways  on how to report cases violating their basic rights , currently sodomy cases  among young boys are  the  biggest  challenge  but we are partnering with the security  agencies to ensure their rights are protected and perpetrators arrested  ,”Said Mr. Rama .


On another forum with religious leaders at Fungamana village in Diani ,  Mr.Rama noted security in Kwale has deteriorated due to lack of cooperation between security officers and the  community .


Mwalimu Rama Kecosce field officer/Photo Caroline Kahonzi


“I want the community to have confidence and work closely with security officers but then security officers should change their attitudes and value the work done by village elders ,the nyumba kumi initiatives ,chiefs and religious leaders so as to coordinate and get rid of criminal gangs  ,”Claimed Mr.Rama .


He noted that lack of security may lead to economic drop in the county which is a tourism destination.


“ When insecurity cases continue   we may lose tourists and investors meaning a big number of our people will lose their  jobs and the county will not get the much needed revenues ,so it’s time to beef up security to  better our economy ,”Said Mr.Rama .


Religious leader Ustadhi Mwalimu Masha reiterated the importance of regular transfer of police officers


“There are police officers who  stay  in police stations for a long period of time making it difficult for them to take action on culprits in the society whom they have become a  part of ,so it’s good when police  transfers  are carried out  as required by Law,”Said Ustadhi Masha .


Fatuma Chaunga  from Kwale Women Network said the community should accept that gender based violence is real and join hands with partners to ensure safe spaces .


Fatuma chaunga, kwale women Network/Photo Caroline Kahonzi


“ Parents should accept that children are highly involved in these cases and find ways of curbing it ,also the security department should work closely  with different  organizations that fight for the rights of people so as to make it easy for  activists to give them information and work on it effectively ,”Emphasized Ms.Chaunga .


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