Over 200,000 bags of fertilizer already picked up by farmers in Uasin Gishu.


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More farmers continue to visit the National Cereals and Produce Board to redeem their vouchers for the fertilizer subsidy program.


Uasin Gishu Agriculture, Agri-Business, Livestock and Fisheries County Executive committee Member Edward Sawe says over 100,000 farmers have so far been registered with over 200,000 bags of fertilizer already picked up.


Sawe also assured farmers that all the NCPB stores across the county are well stocked with the subsidized fertilizers and asked those that have not yet redeemed to do so ahead of the planting season.


He noted that the county is currently working with NCPB and the Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) to finalize a plan that will allow the subsidized fertilizers to be delivered at county stores.


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“We’re working on ensuring the stores have sufficient security and then we will deploy NCPB officials and those from the county to oversee the distribution of the fertilizer,” Sawe said.


The county has 4 stores, each with a capacity to hold up to 60,000 bags of fertilizer.


And with the Government providing subsidies to farmers, the county executive is optimistic farmers will this year register and increase in production.


Farmers have been recording an average production of 18 bags per acre, but Sawe says with the right quantity of fertilizer applied, it can increase to at least 25 bags of maize per acre.


The County is projecting that at least 300,000 acres of land will be under maize this coming planting season.

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