Nepotism and Tribalism mar employment of doctors by Counties in North rift


Dr.Darwin Ambuka KMPDU Chair North rift region/Photo James Gitaka

By Dianah Chelagat

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentist Union (KMPDU) In North rift Region has  decried increased cases of Nepotism and Tribalism in the employment of doctors and health workers by the County governments in the Region.

Dr. Darwin Ambuka, the  North Rift chair, says most of the counties have disregarded the set procedures and standards for the recruitment and employment of public health workers.

“The issue of nepotism and tribalism is live in the employment of health workers by the various county governments especially within the North rift region, many are also discriminated  against  and not promoted  as is  required by law” Said Darwin.

The doctor’s body has called for centralization of the management of doctor’s welfare by the National government,

“We can only end nepotism through public service board, when jobs are being advertised they should ensure inclusion of gender, people living with disabilities because some of our doctors living with different abilities, we have not seeing a national outlook in the employment of  health workers  by the Public service board,” Said  Dr. Darwin.

We need to have a health commission that will manage the welfare of health workers as it is with the teachers.

Nandi County has been cited among county governments marred by nepotism in the employment of health workers.

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