‘NCCK’ calls out government over gross violation of human rights!


“The heavy-handed crackdown on demonstrators leading to deaths of nearly 100 in the hands of the police was uncalled for”

NCCK NorthRift treasurer Josphat Kimani

The National Council of Churches of Kenya NCCK,has called out on the gross violation of human rights of citizens, either as individuals or as groups, that continue to be witnessed in the country.

In a Pastoral Letter Marking Katiba At 13 read to congregants across the various NCCk affiliate churches in the Country On Sunday, NCCK has underscored the importance of the  2010 constitution that assures  every Kenyan equality before the law, with equal access to services and resources.

“It is for this reason that August 27, 2010 remains a special day in the history of our nation. It is the day the Constitution of Kenya 2010 was promulgated. It was the climax of a journey that had taken three decades. And it is for this reason that we invite all Kenyans to take a moment today and thank God as we look back at the last 13 years.”

The religious community in Kenya played a pivotal role through the Ufungamano Initiative for the Constitution of Kenya Review Process.

NCCK has faulted the Government over the use of excessive force by the police and security agencies In suppressing the rights of the people, with arrests being adopted to silence dissent.

“The heavy-handed crackdown on demonstrators leading to deaths of nearly 100 in the hands of the police was uncalled for ,Further the socio-economic rights to food, health, water, sanitation, housing and fair employment opportunities continue to be undermined by endemic corruption” Said  rev

NCCK North rift treasurer Josphat Kimani  notes Over the years, there has been a notable progressive disregard of the Constitution and Laws of Kenya where Public officials are on record blatantly disregarding the Constitution or sections of the Laws of Kenya or court orders thus  giving  root to the continued growth of corruption, as well as failure to actualize Chapter 6 of the Constitution which sets standards for leadership.

“Though the Constitution of Kenya 2010 sought to institutionalize most of the processes and structures of governance, political rhetoric continues to threaten peace and security of the citizens. This has led to the weakening of Independent Commissions and Offices that are meant to protect and promote justice and national cohesion”

In lieu of this NCCK has implored upon the Kenyan citizenry to build a culture of constitutionalism and promotion of the rule of law by Attend public participation and Speaking  out to condemn an

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