I killed her;Naftali Kinuthia confesses to the Murder of Moi varsity student Ivy


Naftali Kinuthia sentenced to 40 years in jail for the murder of Ivy Wangeci

Naftali Kinuthia, 32, the key suspect in the grisly murder of Moi
University final year medical student, Ivy Wangeci four years ago has
confessed to killing his estranged girlfriend.

Kinuthia, who was put on his defense, told Justice Stephen Githinji
that he was provoked to kill his estranged girlfriend using an axe
after she dumped him in favor of a new lover despite the love and
money he had invested on her lavish lifestyle.

In an emotional defense before the packed Eldoret High Court Kinuthia
narrated how he used to send money ranging between sh 5,000 and 20,000
to Ivy whenever she was in need of money.

Kinuthia stated that what irritated him most was that whenever his
girl-fried wanted money from him, her phone would be on, but after
sending her the money, she would immediately block him.

“My girl friend loved partying and she used to ask me for money and I
would dutifully send her via her mobile phone to the tune of between
sh 14,000 and 20,000 as a gesture for my love to her,” Kinuthia
recounted in court.

In his chilling account of the fateful April 9, 2019 incident,
Kinuthia said he made an impromptu visit to Ivy in Eldoret after
travelling from Nairobi to give her sh 14,000 for a birthday party she
was slated to hold on April 10, 2019.

“I had traveled to Eldoret town from Nairobi with two reasons, one to
give her sh 14,000 as part of the money for her budget to cater for her birth day
party and also extend my apology for not gracing the occasion due to
work related commitment at my place of work,” he told Justice

However, Kinuthia explained that on arrival in Eldoret town on the
fateful day, he tried to call Ivy but her phone was off.

“I had packed my car just twenty metres from the hostel where Ivy
stayed which is opposite Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in
Eldoret. I then decided to skirt around as i looked for a place to
take a short call,” he said.

Kinuthia recalled that as he was coming back to his car, he pumped
into Ivy as she was heading to the lecture hall and he told her about
his mission including the money he had brought her for her birthday

“The deceased listened to me and after I was through, she then told me
To take back my money since her boy friend would cater for her birthday budget . She further told me to go back to Nairobi saying
she had nothing to do with me ,” the court heard.

Kinuthia said that he did not respond to the deceased’s statement but
instead walked back to his car while in anger.

“Just a few minutes after we departed, I looked back and saw Ivy
hugging and holding hands with a man whom I suspected to be her new
catch,” he said.

The court heard that the sight of the alleged new lover who it later
emerged was Ivy’s college mate forced  Kinuthia to rush to his car
where he retrieved an axe from the boot.

He then followed the deceased from behind and got up with her as she
was heading to the MTRH for ward round and without wasting time hit
her on the head twice with the axe.

The slain student fell on the ground in a pool of blood and died on
the spot prompting enraged members of the public who watched the
upholding episode from a distance to bay for his blood.

Police officers who were on patrol had to swing into action rescued
the murder suspect from being lynched by the irate and rushed him to
MTRH emergency section for treatment resulting from mob justice.

Justice Githinji directed the state counsel and lawyers for the
deceased family to file their submissions and serve them to the suspects lawyers  within fourteen days.

Likewise lawyers for the key suspect will file their submission and
serve the family of the victim.

The matter was set for mention on April 25,2023.

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