Muslim petitions JSC over independent appointment of next chief Kadhi!


-Five candidates  have  since  been shortlisted-

Jamal Omar Diriwo.

A Kenyan Muslim has  petitioned the  Judicial Service  Commission (JSC) over  the  expected appointment of Kenya’s next Chief  Kadhi after  JSC shortlisted five  suitable candidates for the position.

In his  petition Jamal Diriwo Omar seeks the commission to strongly consider regional balance in the next appointment of the Chief Kadhi claiming the position has  previously  been held by  communities  from the  Coastal region and Northern  Kenya.

“It is in the interest of justice and the general public specifically Islam community that a professional, competent and passionate professional be appointed to fill in the position of Chief Kadhi,this  Petition will be rendered nugatory if  all factors  of the recruitment including ensuring a regional balance will not be  considered by the JSC”, he  Notes.

The Chief Kadhi position should not be politicized to discriminate against other regions and favor the routine upper northeastern parts and coastal region  of Kenya. He added

The petitioner also expressed concerns over possibilities of prominent Muslim politicians out to influence the appointment of the next Chief Kadhi,

“That being the Petitioner/Applicant I came to learn that the judicial service commission may be influenced by politicians in filling the position of chief Kadhi and  a suitable competent and passionate professional on Islamic law”, As read in part of the Petition.

The statement  further says northeastern Muslims have grabbed almost all government positions set aside to represent Muslims in Kenya.

On 14th of April this year JSC advertised the position of  Chief Kadhi  and  a total of  24 applications were  received.

Five candidates  have  since  been shortlisted  that include –

  • Sukyan Hassan Omar
  • Idris Nyamagosa Nyaboga
  • Athman Abdullahim Hussein
  • Kutwaa Mohammed  Abdalla
  • Omari Hassan Kinyua

The Chief Kadhi Deals with matters of inheritance among Muslims according to Sharia. Works in liaison with judicial courts and the government and Gives legal directions on issues affecting Muslims according to Sharia.

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