Muslim Clergy urge government to form task over proliferation of cults,This follows pastor Mackenzie’s massacre!


Sheikh Abubakar Bini Vice Chair Inter Religious Council Uasin Gishu County/Photo James Gitaka

A section of North Rift  Muslim Clerics now want the government to take stern action against false pastors who are misleading citizens.

Led by the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) North rift Chairman Sheikh Abubakar Bini and businessman Hassan Kosgei they say such preachers should be arrested and charged in a court of  law.

“We are calling upon the government to form a task force consisting of both Muslim and Christian leaders to investigate  the many cult like leaders dotted across the country who indoctrinate  their congregants while exploiting them,” said the vocal North rift CIPK chairman.

They faulted the security agents and  the government for not taking decisive actions against such religious leaders.

This has been witnessed in Shakahola Kilifi where cult leader Paul Mackenzi was arrested after killing more than 90 innocent people, many of them being school children, while we applaud the ongoing investigations the  net  should be cast wider.

Bodies of the deceased have been exhumed and taken to Malindi Mortuary. The search for more bodies is still ongoing in the 800 acre land alleged to belong to the cult leader.

Businessman  Hassan Kosgei said Some church leaders who pretend  to be prophets with the ability to heal and have been deceiving  their followers to transfer their sick from hospitals and taking  them to churches for healing  and resulting in many deaths should not be spared either .

Pastor Ezekiel Oduor of the New Life Prayer Centre was on Thursday  arrested ,a day after he was questioned about alleged links to televangelist Paul  Mackenzi, the starvation cult leader that has led to the death of over 90 people.

“We are calling upon the Kenyan government to benchmark with the Rwandan President Paul Kagame who closed over 6,000 churches and requires all religious leaders to have at least a degree Certificate in Theology for them to be allowed to operate a church,” said Kosgei.

They called upon the Communications Authority (CA) to revoke broadcast  licenses  used by questionable preachers who  misuse  their Televisions and radio Stations by misleading  unsuspecting  citizens .

“The Kenyan government through Media Council Of Kenya should restrict and burn misinformation content broadcasted on TV and radio stations owned by such preachers , these stations are  mushrooming every day ,” they added.

By Lawrence Mutie

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