MTRH declared best Institution in Occupational Safety and Health Nationally


MTRH CEO Dr.Wilson K Aruasa celebrates after the Institution was Declared the Best Institution in Occupational Safety and Health Countrywide.

The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) has been Declared the Best Institution Nationally across all Sectors, in Occupational Safety and Health.

Occupational health and safety is the area of public health that focuses on illness and injury trends in the workplace. Experts in the field use this knowledge to develop and implement strategies and regulations aimed at limiting hazards that could lead to physical or mental harm.

The Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services (DOSHS) under the State Department of Labour and social protection declared MTRH  the 2023 Best Overall Institution across All Sectors  that included The manufacturing ,Service , Jua  kali  among other  sectors .

The declaration was made during the commemoration of the International  Day for Safety and Health at Work,  held on 28thApril 2023 In Kisumu County.

“we  take  good  care  of  occupational safety  and health issues  that are  relevant to our staff and our clients  in this case patients , students and visitors,we do this by ensuring  a safe workplace for all our staff, from the security perimeter wall,HD CCTV surveillance , both internal security and a patrol base from the National police”Noted MTRH Ceo Dr  K.Wilson Aruasa.

The Hospital Boss further notes MTRH staff are  availed  personal protective  equipment is relevant for the various cadre , an elaborate comprehensive insurance  cover   provided by NHIF both for the inpatient ,outpatient and for  rehabilitative services,we take care of  the mental and spiritual welfare of our  staff, currently we  have three churches , a mosque and Hindu Temple in less  than a kilometer from the facility” He Opined.

The hospital boasts  a mental health and rehabilitative services directorate that also provides services for the hospital staff other than the clients drawn from the rest of the Country and neighboring countries .

“Those with psycho-social challenges are  supported  accordingly,we have a unit on drug and  alcohol abuse  to provide  care to those facing  challenges of  alcohol and substance  use  disorders,This is crucial as we treat other patients ,the staff have to be healthy in order  to deliver  quality care of service, Our staff also  receive some of the best wages in the Sector ”Said Dr Aruasa.

In an independent audit conducted by The Directorate of Occupational Safety & Health Services, MTRH has been rated the Best institution in the health sector for the last three years hence retaining the trophy while attracting another trophy for the overall best institution across all sectors in Occupational Safety and Health.

Occupational safety and health are fundamental rights under the International labour Laws(ILO) .

MTRH is a Multi-Specialty National/International Teaching and Referral Hospital serving the Western half of Kenya (23 Counties), Eastern Uganda, Southern Sudan, Northern Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo amongst other areas. The Hospital covers a population of over 25 million, a critical player in advancing the Government’s drive towards Universal Health Care.


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