MTRH successfully Re-implants a Traumatically amputated limp!

-The hand is vitally and successfully re-established with good Doppler ultrasound findings-

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The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) has successfully re-implanted a traumatically amputated hand of patient BK, a 35 year old  male who had  a Left Hand Traumatic Amputation through the carpus (wrist).

BK who is  a casual laborer  was  on 8/08/2023 Tuesday 11:45 am chopped off  his left  hand by  his  relative   following a domestic disagreement, After  the  incident well-wishers  boarded a bodaboda that ferried  him to Sigowet Sub-county Hospital, Kericho County where  he  received first aid  treatment .

The patient  was  immediately referred  to the  Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital where he  was  received at the  MTRH Emergency Department 4pm and  within 15 minutes  upon arrival was taken to Majaliwa Theater  where a  team of  Specialized surgeons led by Dr Paul Mwangi-Team Leader MTRH Consultant Orthopedics & Trauma(Hand Surgeon) undertook the surgery for  11 hours.

In theatre, 2 teams were alternately repairing/re-attaching the limb  and  revascularization. The  Re-implantation  was successfully completed at 3am(a whopping 11 hours marathon surgery!).

The  CEO Moi Teaching and  Referral Hospital Dr Wilson K Aruasa has confirmed   the  patients left limb was  reversed successfully, and the patient admitted to Post Anaesthesia Care Unit(PACU) overnight then Intensive Care Unit(ICU) for monitoring and IV Heparin infusion to ensure  free flow of  blood .

After completing  the IV infusion, 48 hours later on Thursday 10/08/2023, the patient’s limb splinted and rehabilitation initiated.

The Doctors have confirmed the  Patient is doing well post-operation, Today Sunday 13/08/2023 BK was  moved from ICU to the  General Orthopedics(Male) Ward where he will continue with daily reviews/initiation of Occupational Therapy rehabilitation.

The hand is vitally and successfully re-established with good Doppler ultrasound findings.

The MTRH Boss Dr Aruasa  has  commended the  Sigowet  Hospital  for preserving the  patients  hand in a  cooler box  and immediately transferred the patient for specialized treatment at MTRH

“BK is  a true  hustler  who engages  in manual  work , on the  fateful day he was out  in search of a job , we  are pleased  to  have successfully   re-implanted his hand, MTRH supported Dr. Paul to undertake his Hand Surgery training at University of The Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa in the year 2015/16.” Stated  Dr Aruasa.

This successful highly specialized surgery is part of the fruits of MTRH Board & Management ( fully supported by Government of Kenya through Ministry of Health and The National Treasury & Economic Planning) long-range goal of developing multi-and sub-specialty surgical & medical skills, continual staff capacity development, huge investments in medical infrastructure and specialized equipment with a high work  performance culture. He added

MTRH  has facilitate the patients enrollment into National Health Insurance Fund(NHIF)

“This is true Universal Health Coverage(UHC) on every citizen’s access to healthcare and Universal Health Care(UHC) in terms of simultaneously accessing the highest level and quality specialized healthcare. It also underscores successful Strategic partnership with Indiana University(and other collaborating Institutions), USA over the years”

Kenya has only 3 Hand Specialist Surgeons, one in Nairobi, another one in Nakuru and the MTRH.

The  Surgery  one of the most rare  in East  Africa, was undertaken by a team of  13 highly specialized  surgical  team.

The participating Surgical team that has  highly been  commended by the Cabinet Secretary for health Susan Nakhumicha  includes:

Francis Kosgei- Clinical Nurse Educator(CNE), Theatres
Sharon Cherotich- Perioperative Nursing Officer(NO)
Nehemiah Nyainda- Perioperative NO
Rose Keino NO, Post Anaesthesia Care Unit(PACU)
Caren Cherotich -Student Nurse
Oscar Ang’anda-Student Nurse
Michael Omondi- Clinical Officer(CO) Anaesthest
Ezra Samoita-CO Anesthetist
Dr Brian Christie- Plastic Surgeon , Indiana University (IU)
Dr Andrew Vernadi- Plastic Surgeon, IU
Dr Gregory Wekesa- MTRH COSECSA Orthopaedics & Trauma Resident
Dr Harsh Vadgama- MTRH Consultant Orthopedics & Trauma( Shoulder Surgeon)
Dr Paul Mwangi-Team Leader MTRH Consultant Orthopedics & Trauma(Hand Surgeon).


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