Kwale:Over 600 girls and young women benefit from She Leads project


– She leads project commenced in 2021 and currently has a presence among groups of young girls from three sub-counties of Matuga ,Msambweni and Lungalunga.-

She leads project beneficiaries with NAYA officials/Photo Caroline Kahonzi

By Caroline Katana  

Six hundred and thirty girls and young women from Kwale county have benefited from the She Leads project implemented by the network for adolescents and youth in Africa organization NAYA .

She leads project commenced in 2021 and currently has a presence among groups of young girls from three subcounties of Matuga ,Msambweni and Lungalunga.

NAYA project officer Ndinya Esther affirmed the project aims at building the capacity of young girls to understand their rights and fight for leadership positions.

“We have strengthened the ability of these groups through leadership trainings and assisting them register their groups to enable them work with different organizations and to run sustainable projects like agri business, soccer and theater” said Ms.Ndinya.

Ms Ndinya noted that the objective has broken the silence against gender violence that is rampant within the community. “After we introduced this project, we learnt that girls could not report any case of violence they face in the community.

Some of these girls are young mothers,but through this project we have sensitized them to  know their rights, ,”Noted Ms.Ndinya .

She leads beneficiary Mwanaisha Omar applauded the project for creating a safe space for girls and young mothers.

“Before the project,cases of school dropout among girls were alarming due to early marriages and pregnancies, girls at the grass root level had no knowledge of their rights, however  through  NAYA, we took the initiative of sensitizing other  girls in society  on the dangers of early pregnancies and marriages.In future I want to see zero gender based violence among girls in myarea,”Posed

Ms.Mwanaisha.  She leads project  runs for five years and is expected to end in 2025 .

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