Kwale:Former Youth President elected to CDAC!


Former Youth President Mwanasha Gaserego elected to CDAC .Photo Caroline Kahonzi

By Caroline kahonzi

Mwanasha Gaserego  wins Msambweni woman representative  Community Development Agreement Committee CDAC  position .

Ms Gaserego is the director of Tuwajali Wajane  Organization  and won the position with 671 votes  beating her  two opponents with  341 and 161 votes .

CDAC oversees development run by an allocation of one percent of a mining company’s annual profit.

The election was held following the end of tenure and service life of the previous committee that came to a  close on 28thFeb 2023..

Ms. Gaserego  ran a successful campaign promising to work in transparency ,accountability and make sure community centered projects are brought to light .

“ I want to express my gratitude to all who made it for me ,this victory  does not belong to women from Msambweni location only but for the whole sub county  ,I am  looking forward to coming up with projects that will benefit women and  boost their economy directly ,” Posed Ms. Gaserego

She urged the mining officer in Kwale county to speed up the gazetement  of CDAC members in Msambweni and Bwiti  inorder to commence their  duties immediately.

“  I want names of CDAC members to be forwarded on time to the CS mining because if there will be a delay on gazettement it means we will have a short time to work for the community ,meaning we will not be able to fully deliver to them ,” Said Ms Gaserego .

Acting chief Msambweni location Mwanaulu Hamisi Mwatsakatsa  said the exercise was conducted fairly and transparent calling upon the CDAC woman rep to deliver equally among the community urging msambweni residents to give her support  so as to deliver effectively .

A community member Mwanasha Ali Mwakidiogo  said women in Msambweni  trust in Ms .Gaserego’s leadership since she has been involved in capacity building groups of widows in Msambweni through different empowerment  projects  .

Jobwe Yusuf  affirmed  Ms.Gaserego  to  fit the position since  she has served as  youth president of  Kenya since 2011 to 2012  ,he promised to give her full support so as to achieve her dream of  delivering to the community .

The exercise was conducted by base titanium officers ,National and County government officials ,civil society organizations  and observers from the community .


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