Kolongei Village Reels in Grief and Demands Justice following the Murder of their sons


Esther Nekesa, the 21-year-old widow, is left to care for their 10-month-old baby, their dreams of a future together shattered.

Esther Nekesa, 21, wife of the late Daniel Rotich, 34, who was murdered at Ngano Farm on Sunday morning/James Gitaka

The serenity of Kolongei Village in Turbo Sub County has been shattered by the brutal murder of four young men – Shadrack Kipkemei, Kennedy Kipkemei, Daniel Rotich, and Cornelius Kipkoech. Their lifeless bodies, discovered at Ngano Farm, stand as a grim testament to the senseless violence that has plagued the community.

The alleged perpetrators, Kenya Defence Forces officers and private guards from the Kenya Ordinance Factory in Eldoret, reportedly targeted the victims as they gathered the remnants of the maize harvest at Ngano Farm. This act of violence has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving families grappling with grief and demanding justice.



Kolongei community members in mourning and shock

For the Rotich family, the pain is particularly acute. Emily Kosgey, still reeling from the loss of her husband six months ago, now faces the agonizing reality of her son’s untimely death. Daniel Rotich 34, who had become the family’s sole provider, was cruelly taken away in the Sunday night incident that claimed four lives. Esther Nekesa, the 21-year-old widow, is left to care for their 10-month-old baby, their dreams of a future together shattered.

The community’s mourning extends beyond the immediate families of the victims. Hundreds gathered at Kolongei primary school  to pay their respects and express their collective grief. The loss of these four young men is compounded by the memory of over ten other individuals who have perished at the hands of Kenya Defence Forces officers.

Rose Maiyo shared harrowing accounts of additional atrocities committed by the KDF, including instances of violence against women and the tragic deaths caused by stray bullets from the Ordinance Factory. Human rights activist Kimutai Kirui highlighted the community’s long-standing grievances, emphasizing the lack of social corporate responsibility from the KDF. “We have not benefited from any social corporate responsibility,” Kirui stated, “and our schools and roads remain in a deplorable condition.”

Rose Maiyo bursts into tears after the killing of four young men in her village.

The community’s resilience and determination are evident in their ongoing efforts to seek justice and accountability. They have launched a fundraising drive to lay to rest the four victims and are planning to petition the National Assembly to address their longstanding plight.

The memories of December 2021, when three community members were shot dead during a standoff with the KDF, serve as a stark reminder of the community’s struggle for justice and a life free from violence.

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