Kitui East Mp denies having assaulted a Kenya power staff!


“You are talking of a clip which has been played doctored how can I be sorry?

Kitui East Mp Nimrod Mbai/Image Courtesy

 By Camilla Lunani


Kitui East Member of Parliament Nimrod Mbai has refuted claims he was captured in a CCTV video footage assaulting a Kenya Power engineer.


The clip that surfaced on July 4th  revealed Mbai mishandling the engineer who was in his line of duty seeking to disconnect an illegal power line at the Member of Parliament’s home in Kitengela,Kajiado county.


Honoring his summon by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) on Monday, Mbai denied that he was not the person captured in the video footage ,arguing that it was somehow manipulated.


“I never assaulted I look like I’m capable of hurting anyone, I am a renowned pastor. How conversant are you with the ICT and videos or copy pasting and all these things…how can you play around with a video clip? He said


Nimrod went on to state that he has no regret since he was not involved in the alleged assault in the first place.


“You are talking of a clip which has been played doctored how can I be sorry? This clip is most definitely not the original clip.What they are trying to pass on social media has a lot of editing on it,” he added


Mbai further thanked his constituents for showing their support.


The Legislator was summoned by EACC for grilling over the occurrence and has already recorded his statement waiting upon further action.


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