Kisumu activists Vigil at the Morgue!


“We chose this solemn space at least to spare a moment to comfort this relatives who are mourning their beloved ones,”

Kisumu activists vigil at the morgue/Image Courtesy


A section of Kisumu civil society members and residents, on Wednesday morning   chose to camp at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga teaching and Referral hospital’s mortuary, for a day time vigil, in line with calls by the opposition in Solidarity  with   those who were killed or Maimed by the  Police

Members of the group said that they chose to have the vigil, at the morgue which is usually a feared space, just to be in Solidarity with the dead who were still in the facility  and their bereaving relatives,

The group, under the umbrella of  Kisumu Grass roots Trust, composed of informal settlement representatives , while holding candles and with flowers gathered at the funeral home  early morning , where they started by Singing the national anthem, saying it is the simplest prayer any Kenyan citizen would narrate at such moments of grief

“Different from Other spaces, as residents of the various slums around we chose this solemn space at least to spare a moment to comfort this relatives who are mourning their beloved ones,” said Hassan Salim a representative from Bandani

According to the Kisumu County  Government statistics,  9 people lost their lives in various  parts of Kisumu, where close to 39 were admitted at the referral Hospital with gunshot wounds reportedly inflicted by the police during last weeks three day demo that was called by the Azimio group

The group that camped at the JOOTRH morgue claimed that the figure could be more than the reported, since there are cases where the injured could be hiding in their houses particularly those from the informal settlements around Kisumu

Philip Awiti , a  resident of Kisumu , raised concern that the last weeks police action appered to be targeting mostly resident from the poor neighborhoods of Nyalenda, Obunga , Manyatta, and such spaces, saying that there needs to be much explanation to the affected residents

On The other side of town , Various leaders and locals assembled at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga  hospital where they equally condemned the cases of police brutality as was witnessed in the residential spaces last week,

The leaders have revealed that there shall be a joint prayer meeting this coming Friday organized still in memory of deceased and the injured

“Demonstration is allowed under the law, and the people were just excising their legal mandate, the police behavior shall never go unpunished, said Speaker Elisha Jack Oraro who led the day time candle lighting memorial




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