Kirui in Danger: Eldoret Based Human Rights Activist Fears for Life


Kirui disclosed, “I have submitted over 10 statements at the Central Police Station detailing threats on my life by a group of individuals linked to the governor”

Human Rights Activist kimutai Kirui Faces Life-Threatening Danger for Criticizing Uasin Gishu Governor: Urgent Calls for Investigation Amidst Allegations of Police Indifference

A human rights activist based in Eldoret has expressed grave concerns for his safety, asserting that his life is under threat due to his critical stance on the two-year administration of Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii. Kimutai Kirui, affiliated with the Centre Against Torture, alleges that he is living on borrowed time, contending that numerous attempts to abduct him have been orchestrated by a group of thugs purportedly connected to the county governor.

Kirui, addressing the media in Eldoret town, revealed that despite reporting these incidents at the Eldoret Central police station, no substantive action has been taken by the authorities to apprehend the individuals endangering his life. He criticized the police for their perceived indifference to the matter and called upon the County Director of Criminal Investigations to expedite the investigation into the alleged assailants before the situation escalates further.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the police response, Kirui accused law enforcement of downplaying the severity of the threats against him. He emphasized the urgent need for proactive measures to ensure his safety and implored the authorities to address the situation promptly. Frustrated with the lack of progress two months after filing the initial case, Kirui conveyed his intent to take personal measures to safeguard himself, including acquiring a knife for self-defense from a local supermarket.

Kirui disclosed, “I have submitted over 10 statements at the Central Police Station detailing threats on my life by a group of individuals linked to the governor. Despite obtaining corresponding Occurrence Book (OB) entries, the police have yet to take action on the matter.” The activist underscored the seriousness of the situation and the apparent urgency of the response required.

In response to the allegations, Governor Jonathan Bii distanced himself from any association with the purported group of thugs, stating through his director of communication, Sila Kosgey, that he has no involvement in threats against the activist’s life. Bii urged Kirui to seek assistance from the police and emphasized that reporting the matter to the authorities would be the most effective course of action to address the perceived threats.

Kimutai Kirui contends that his dedicated efforts in seeking justice for the victims of the Uasin Gishu County education airlifting saga in Finland and Canada, as well as his involvement in the court orders resulting in the closure of the Uasin Gishu County assembly, may be contributing factors to the threats against him. In his words, “I believe my active role in advocating for justice in the Finland and Canada cases and the closure of the County assembly might have made me a target.” He emphasizes that his actions are not fueled by personal vendettas against Uasin Gishu Governor and other county leaders but rather stem from a commitment to the pursuit of good governance.


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