Kipsangui Boys indefinitely closed;500 students sent home after rampage over poorly cooked Ugali!


500 students of Kipsangui boys sent home over school Unrest Image Courtesy

Kipsangui Boys High School in Uasin Gishu County Wednesday closed indefinitely following unrest.

On Tuesday Night the students engaged   teachers in running battles before torching a school store and  stoning the administration block destroying property of unknown value.

According to the County director of Education in Uasin Gishu Hassan Khalifa, the students engaged in the demonstrations following a poorly cooked Ugali meal that was served to them on Tuesday Night.

“The students complained that they were served partially cooked Ugali hence part of the reason for the rampage, the Principle intervened by providing bread to the students but that did not suffice” He said.

Apart from the poor diet the students also complained about the school’s routine, discipline issues and some subjects not being attended to by teachers. He Added

The executive board of the school management was advised by a multi-agency team led by the Sub County director of education and the deputy county commissioner to close the school indefinitely, sending home over 500 students.

“The report  is  ready ,there will be a  full board meeting at the school and  we will ensure  that the  grievances  raised   are addressed  to the latter” Opined Hassan.

The CDE has directed school administrators and boards of managements within Uasin Gishu County to provide channels for dialogue in order to avert the now more frequent schools unrest within the county,

“They should increase  suggestions boxes  and make sure issues  raised  are  addressed timely  by the  boards and a communication made during the parades ,Students  council leadership  should also be engaged by the schools administration.”

The  director has also promised to enforce the  involvement  and  co-opting of  parents with  students in the  schools into the  boards of management as required by the  Education act, this he says  will help in the management of  students  affairs.

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