Kerio Valley locals, leaders challenged to promote peace


Eldoret Catholic Diocese Bishop Dominic Kimengich.



Catholic Diocese of Eldoret Bishop Dominic Kimeng’ech has called upon residents and leaders of Kerio Valley to promote peace.


Kimengich also urged those who own firearms illegally to willingly surrender them to the government.


He noted that surrendering such firearms would enhance peaceful coexistence among communities living in the Kerio region and would bring to an end the bloodshed as a result of banditry.


Let deaths come to an end in Kerio valley. We are losing innocent lives. Life is sacred s let us embrace ways that promote peaceful resolutions,” said Bishop Kimeng’ich.


The Eldoret Catholic Diocese Bishop further called upon the political leaders from the region to embrace dialogue and lead their communities towards finding a lasting solution to a myriad of challenges bedeviling the Kerio Valley including insecurity and lack of development.


Insecurity has brought attrition towards economic development projects of our people, loosing of lives, destruction of property, closure of schools and it should be dealt with,” said the clergy.


Speaking on Wednesday in Elgeiyo Marakwet county, the Catholic Bishop said the church is ready to bring leaders and other stakeholders from the region together and help them understand they are brothers and sisters.


Over the last few years, Kerio Valley has witnessed regular bandit attacks that have led to the loss of lives alongside the theft of hundreds of livestock.


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