Kenya National Fatwa Council decry politicization of Muslim holidays


-Council’s chairman notes that the gazette notice was issued in disregard to their recommendations-

The Kenya National Fatwa Council has lamented over the decision made by Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki to gazette Wednesday, June 28, 2023, as a public holiday for the celebration of this year’s Eid Ul Adh Haa.


Council’s chairman notes that the gazette notice was issued in disregard to their recommendations that the holiday be on Thursday.


In a phone interview with HUBZMEDIA.AFRICA ,the Fatwa Council chair  noted that they had written a letter to the CS, recommending the appropriate day for the holiday – in line with the moon sighting for Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar.


“We wrote a letter to CS Kindiki advising him on the appropriate day for the Eid Ul Adh Haa but it is unfortunate that he did not even reply to our letter, and instead going ahead to declared Wednesday a public holiday,” said the Kenya National Fatwa Council chairman.


Similar sentiments were shared by Council’s Deputy Director Sheikh Abubabar Bini.

Bini noted that the decision on when Muslim holidays are gazzetted have always been made after the end of 30 days of fasting that has since changed with the new administration.


He expressed concerns that declaration of Muslim holidays might have been politicized.

But as a way of avoiding a repeat of similar issues in the future, the Kenya National Fatwa Council Deputy Director has proposed an amendment to laws that will ensure there is no interference in determination of Muslim holidays.


“We want a process that will have no political interference. The change of law should capture the need for our celebrations to be like the Christian holidays where there are usually no room for debate on when Good Friday and Easter Monday will be,” said Sheikh Bini.


CS Kindiki on Monday declared Wednesday a public holiday to allow the Muslims in the country to mark Eid Ul Adh-ha, a festival that commemorates the submission of Prophet Abraham to the will of Allah.


Muslims across the globe celebrate this day by offering prayers and sacrificing animals (goats,sheep,cows and camels)and  parts of the meat are shared with the needy in society.


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