Itigo men’s team,Winners of the Kuinet/Kapsuswa Wards Governors Cup!


Itigo men’s team kept a blemishless form on Saturday to eventually win the Kuinet/Kapsuswa Ward’s Governor’s Cup Volleyball tournament in a contest held at Sogomo Centre.

In a competition played in round robin format, Itigo beat Kuinet 2-0 in sets, came back to extinguish Moto Pasi 2-1 and wrapped up a successful Saturday outing with a 2-0 win over Kamukunji, picking all nine points.

Hosts Kuinet men had to be content with second place with 6 points, Moto Pasi cooling at third with three points and Kamukunji failed to register a single victory in the three matches they played.

Kuinet ladies revenged for their male counterparts, beating Itigo 2-0 in sets, and Kamukunji 2-1 to collect 6 points. Kamukunji beat Itigo to come second with 3 points as the losers placed third to close the day with no victory.

Ziwa Township men made the best of their campaign by beating Kapkoros 25-22, 25-18 and 26-24 to win the Ziwa Ward competition with a 3-0 victory over their rivals.

In Kapkures Ward, Chebarus won the contest after overcoming Kapkures in 25-18 and 25-19 and lifted the crown after registering victories in the first two straight sets of best of three. Kaptebengwet won the women’s category, Ndabarnach A coming second and Ndabarnach B third in a round-robin format.

Members of County Assembly Isaac Tamogei (Soy) and his Ziwa counterpart, Ezekiel Ngeti Kodi, cheered on as teams labored to prove their worth in contests culminating in Cup finals in mid-April.

Both county legislators, joined by Chief Officer for Youth and Sports, Nahum Jelagat, said the county government is mindful of the youthful generation and the Governor’s Cup Tournament is one in many programs aimed at empowering them.

Several other Wards in Soy Sub-County will undertake their finals on Sunday (March 26). Teams that win in Ward competitions, for both men and women categories, qualify for the penultimate cup finals set for April 13-15 at Eldoret National Polytechnic Grounds.

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