IPOA investigates 467 police officers for misconduct


Photo National police Service(NPS)

By Caroline Kahonzi

Independent Policing Oversight Authority IPOA is investigating 467 cases of police misconduct since January upto 20th of February this year .

Ipoa officer in charge of The coast region Hussein Aden acknowledged out of the 467  complaints  67  were recorded in The  coast  region .

Speaking to journalists at Taru, Kinango constituency  , Kwale county during  social justice day  Mr.Aden applauded the  good relationship between members of the  community and police officers .

“ I want to urge Kenyans  to maintain  peace ,we understand the police officers are there to promote peace  ,every person must comply  with the laws ,its unfortunately  that sometimes  people are violated  by police  officers while looking for justice and that is when IPOA  chips in and investigates  for action to be taken  against  officers for  misconduct or in action  ,”said mr.Aden .

Mr.Aden called upon Kenyans to be patriotic and adhere to laws to ensure good services from the police department.

“I’m  appealing to Kenyans who feel like their  rights are infringed  not to keep quiet but instead to raise their voices  to our offices ,we have a toll  free number 1559  that can be used free of charge ,we also have email address for victims to send us their complains ,our offices are open across the country to receive any complain ,”emphasized Mr. Aden.

Kenya National  Commission on Human Rights KNCHR officer coast region Alice Mbuvi,confirmed that a myriad of  challenges face the defense of human rights.

“ The process of  defending for human rights, moves at a low pace because it needs strong laws to support it ,I am happy that our new constitution 2010 constitutes laws that are helpful in fighting for human rights but there are still challenges ,currently we are facing economic challenges that have contributed to rights violation especially among  women and girls  ,so a lot needs to be done  to ensure every person has their rights protected ,” Posed Ms.Mbuvi.

On his side Alex Mwarua Nziwi an officer for Human Rights Agenda organization Huria termed human rights as a fundamental right that needs special attention by the Kenyan government.

“ Every person is entitled to protection from  violation ,it is a right for every Kenyan to live in  peace , the government of Kenya  has to join hands with  different  human right organizations to ensure that  Kenyans are protected as per the constitution for the prosperity of this nation ,”said Mr.Nziwi .

Mr.Nziwi called upon kinango sub county residents to record any issue that violates their rights at the HURIA office in kinango for a quick legal.

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