Hustler fund inatosha tu Kunyoa;Eldoret Residents decry high cost of living!


A Section of Eldoret Residents decry the High Cost of Living/Photo James Gitaka

A section of Eldoret residents  Thursday held  peaceful demonstrations decrying the  high cost of living with  skyrocketing prices of basic  commodities.

Led  by Evans Odhiambo the  residents  have expressed their discontent with the government  following  high taxation  that has  led  to an increase in the prices  of  basic  commodities such as  maize  flour,cooking oil, gas, electricity among  others,

“Life is unbearable for  citizens all over the country ,many were promised a peoples government but what we  are  currently  experiencing is nothing close to  the promises made by the President   to better  the  economy and lives of  Kenyans”,he said.

The residents who have  expressed  dysphoria have  demanded  that the current  administration should  review  its  economic recovery  policy, saying  many Kenyans  cannot  cope up  with the high  cost of Living   and especially  the youth who would  be  forced  to engage  in criminal activities in order to make  ends meet ,

“They promised to lower the  princes  of  basic  commodities , that has remained  a fallacy , a lot of  empty  promises that  continue to hurt  hustlers  across the country ,this government is  not  sensitive to the needs of  its  people “,one of the locals has said.

At the  garages the much I earn  is around Ksh 200  at most in a day the price of  1Kg packet of  maize  flour is 250 I cannot afford  to take  care  of my family , this life  is no longer  tenable. He  added

The  residents have  further  hailed  upon the  Leader of  opposition Raila Odinga to Hold  political gatherings in Eldoret in his quest to push for defense for democracy movement,

“Tunaomba raila  Odinga asifanye makosa kutokuja Eldoret, amefanya mikutano  kaunti zingine na Eldoret ni Bedroom ya  baba ,we  implore upon him to  have a Similar meet  the people meeting in Eldoret” Said  Samuel Kipchumba.

Some of the Jua  kali operators  have   castigated the Hustler  fund saying it  did not meet their  needs  and  expectations ,

“Tuliahidiwa pesa bila  riba  lakini walipotwaa uongozi walisema  hakuna pesa  ya bure, wameleta  husler fund ,pesa zenye tunapewa  zinatosha kunyoa tu lakini sio kuanzisha biashara” Said  one of  the residents.

The Kenya Kwanza administration has  come under  sharp criticism across the country for  intransigence  regarding a  review on the  high cost of  living .

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