Hustler Fund could collapse ;Financial experts warn!


Financial Expert David Kemei Rotuk Warns anti government demos crippling the Economy/Photo James Gitaka

The ongoing   anti- government demonstrations continue to affect the government’s efforts to revive the country’s ailing economy.

Financial Expert David Kemei Rotuk says Kenya Kwanza Flagship Hustler Fund project could collapse if a thriving business environment will not be realized.

In an exclusive interview with the Hubzmedia , Rotuk says  the ongoing  demonstrations have greatly  affected traders and more so millions of Kenyans  who have  borrowed from the hustler fund kitty and are  now  unable to repay.

“As businessmen we have been badly affected  by the Weekly opposition demonstrations  which have led to massive losses  through lost manpower, looting and lack of  sales  and going forward many businesses could  shut  down if an enabling  business environment will not be provided ,” said the Financial expert.

Those badly affected are Mama Mboga and Bodaboda operators who depend on daily sale to service their loans

“The government and the opposition should find an amicable way to end the street demos, the economy is deteriorating fast, the plummeting prices of basic commodities will only get worse   due to the ongoing demonstrations which further cripples the economy,” he opined.

He further noted that big companies are also suffering since at the end of the month they are  required to  pay monthly wages  to their employees and if the situation does not change we are likely  to see retrenchments  in order for the company’s  to stay afloat.

“The constitution provides the right to peaceful demonstrations, however I urge Kenyans and leaders of good will to put the interest of the country first, let’s provide an enabling business environment that will attract more investors into the country as well as help local businesses thrive in order to build the country’s economy,” the Financial Expert said.

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