Haki Africa investigates deaths and grave human right violations of street families in Eldoret


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The Haki Africa a Pan-African human rights organization based in Mombasa, has commenced investigations into the mysterious deaths and gross human right violations of street connected youth in Eldoret in the recent past.



In an Interview with Journalists in Eldoret,Haki Africa  rapid  response officer Fredrick Odhiambo Ojiro, said following  a distress call on the  human rights  violation  in Eldoret, The Human right organization has  established  in its preliminary report that a number of  street children have  died in connection to the  recent skirmishes  between Uasin Gishu County askaris, the National Police , traders and  the  street families,



Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer-Fredrick Odhiambo Ojiro


“We  have identified so far that  due to the  skirmishes that occurred  in Eldoret  last week Thursday, a number of  street  families  have been killed in an operation that  involved  county enforcement officers  and the National police, we  have also identified  that  a majority were maimed  in the operation and  many are  being  held  at a social hall within Eldoret   and they are in  need  of urgent medical attention ,”Said Ojiro


The  Rapid  response officer  who met  with  Eldoret based Human Right  organizations and victims of  torture  both  from traders and  the  street  families  also faulted  the  County government over   ethnic discrimination,


“The vetting of traders at the Champions market as we have established could be targeted at discriminating other traders at the market on ethnic basis we are keen to follow up on the process, “Noted the Human Rights officer.


The Haki Africa organization has also demanded  an investigation by the  Internal affairs  unit  and  the  IPOA into  the  conduct of police  officers  involved  in the joint  operation that led  to  grave human right violations



“We  have  written to the  Internal Affairs  Unit of the Police  and  IPOA to commence  investigations against  officers involved  in the Joint security operation that  has  left  several street  connected  youth  dead  and many more  seriously  maimed, “Noted the  Officer



The organization will also be  recommending creation of  a body or  the  extension of  the  IPOA mandate  into investigating  county askaris  across the  country ,many  performing  their duties without  oversight hence  committing  serious  atrocities  against  citizens,



“We  are  pushing  for  a legislation that will see  to it  that  county enforcement officers, Kenya forest officers and the Kenya wildlife officers  are  also held accountable in regards to how  they perform their  duties, we believe  many of  these  officers  are  committing serious crimes since  they cannot  be investigated by IPOA nor  the Police Internal  Affairs  Unit, “Noted Fredrick Odhiambo.



A joint team of medical practitioners from the Uasin Gishu County Government  and  the Moi Teaching and  Referral Hospital has been providing medical care  to street connected  youth at the Eldoret Municipal Social hall where some of the   urchins are  being held.


A join team of Health experts from the Uasin Gishu County Government and The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital providing medical treatment to the rescued street urchins in Eldoret.




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