Government to spend Ksh 200M in cotton buying this year


he Principal secretary state department for industry Dr. Juma Mukhwana among other Government officers hosted by Rivatex Md Prof Thomas Kipkurgat

By Esther Sikolia


The National government has doubled finances set aside for the purchase of cotton from farmers to support industrial production for the ginnery industries.

The Principal secretary state department for industry Dr. Juma Mukhwana says this year the government has set aside ksh.200 M for the purchase of cotton from cotton farmers.

In his tour  at the  Rivatex company,the PS indicated the company  imports  about 80% of the cotton for its  production hence  impacting  negatively  on the company’s production cost.



The Principal secretary state department for industry Dr. Juma Mukhwana addressing Journalists at Rivatex Company Friday.

“We have a serious  challenge our  farmers stopped growing  cotton since  the  collapse of  most of our  ginneries and that has  affected  governments efforts to  fully  revamp existing cotton factories ,in lieu of  this  the government this year  has  deliberately increased  from ksh50 M to Ksh 200M money meant to buy cotton from our  farmers across the country,”Juma said.

Dr.Mukhwana says Cotton buying centers will be established in counties and regions where farmers have engaged in Cotton farming such as Elgeyo Marakwet.


The Managing director of Rivatex company Professor Thomas kipkurgat has noted that more than 100,000 acres of land are required for production of 7.2  million kilos of  cotton needed per  year at rivatex company hence  reduce over reliance in the importation of cotton



“We require 36 kg bales of cotton and when multiplied by 200 per bale that is 7.2 million kgs,and at least a minimum of 100,000  acres under cotton,” said kipkurgat.


Rivatex  company  currently imports  much of  its raw materials from India and  Pakistan .


The Company in conjunction with ministry officials has laid out an elaborate plan to revive cotton growing in at least the 24 counties that have favourable conditions for cotton production across the country.

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