Government lists challenges threatening families in Kenya!


The directorate has launched a parenting manual,to train and support parents in taking care of their families-

Marking the International Family day/Photo lloyd Ayago

By lloyd  Ayago

Religious extremism such as the Shakahola Massacre, gender-based violence, and intimate partner violence, violence against children, elderly abuse, homicides and drug abuse are among pressing challenges threatening the family unit.

The directorate of Social Development under the State department of social protection and senior citizens affairs has noted the need to create awareness on the various issues and factors affecting this critical unit of the society.

On May 15th stakeholders in Uasin Gishu County led by the directorate   marked The International day of the families with a view to rally a multi-sectoral  approach in addressing the emerging challenges  that continue to threaten families.

The event that was marked at Kapsoya ,Ainabkoi Constituency under the theme of Demographic changes and families well being observed  that  Sexual and gender based violence and even drug and  substance  abuse  remain some of the  greatest threats to many families.

While addressing the Nation , Florence Bore The Cabinet Secretary for labor and social Protection affirmed the latest events of Religious extremism that have led to deaths of  innocent  children  have  added to the long list of issues affecting families which  also encompass gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, violence against children, elderly abuse, homicides, drug abuse, challenges associated with raising children in digital age  among other contemporary concerns in the families.

“The drivers contributing to these include; socio-economic, socio-cultural and health related factors among others, Family interventions are remarkably required to ensure that families remain cohesive.” Opined The Cabinet  Minister.

Judith Barasa, Deputy County Coordinator, Directorate of Social Development, Uasin Gishu County has said  parents  will be trained on how  to take  care of their  families amidst the pressing challenges,

“The directorate has launched a parenting manual, it is a national positive parenting manual to train and support our parents in taking care of our families because of the challenges that we currently face “She  noted

The structures of families having undergone a lot of change because of the fertility and mortality patterns, Uasin Gishu County Commissioner Dr.Eddyson Nyale  has  encouraged families  especially  those living in urban areas to  continue  bearing children.

The Government has since developed a National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection whose goal is to provide an environment that recognizes and facilitates family well-being, social order and empowers families to participate in the socio-economic development of the country.

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