Former Presidential candidate Reuben Kigame cautions Raila over secession!


-If the country plunges into anarchy, the ordinary citizens will bear brunt of losing their lives and property

Former Presidential Candidate Reuben Kigame addressing the media in Eldoret /Photo James Gitaka

Former Presidential candidate Reuben Kigame has  castigated
Opposition leader Raila Odinga over his secession remarks
terming it dangerous for the country’s peace and unity.

Addressing the media in Eldoret town, Kigame who is also a celebrated
gospel singer and evangelist, warned Raila to treat secession remarks
lest it plunge the country into anarchy.

According to Kigame, the ODM leader’s remark was a big threat to the
country’s unity and stability and that it should not be entertained by any
leader worth his or her salt.

While calling on the government to address the needy challenges
afflicting the country, Kigame at the same time implored upon Raila to
avoid acts that were a threat to the lives and property of the

“If the country plunges into anarchy, the ordinary citizens will bear
the brunt of losing their lives and property while the rich will watch
the unfolding events from their comfort  zones,” said Kigame.

“I call on the Opposition leader to desist from the issue of secession
because it will cause anarchy and lead to destabilization of our
beautiful country which majority of Kenyans are not ready to
accept,” said Kigame.

Speaking at Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s Yatta home in Machakos
County ,two weeks ago, Raila gave President William Ruto a one week
ultimatum to reverse what he termed tribal state appointments or
Azimio will call for self determination.

In what was dubbed Yatta Two declaration, the Opposition chief also
threatened to write to the United Nations to separate from the
Ruto-led State over exclusion and biased government appointments.

“I will write to the UN for self determination so that every Kenyan
community can feel completely they are part of the government,” Raila

The gospel singer at the same time scoffed at the Kenya Kwanza
administration for forcing Kenyans the 3 per cent housing levy in the
proposed 2023/2024 Financial Bill set to be presented in the National
Assembly during the budget reading in the next two weeks.

The government should listen to the cries of ordinary citizens and
lower the cost of living so that Kenyans can be able to pay tax as
required by the law,” said Kigame.

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