Elgeyo Marakwet:distress as a class 5 boy goes missing for 11 months!


Hassan Njue, 12 years, who is a pupil at Kimoi primary school in Keiyo North sub county was reported to have gone missing since June 10, 2022.

A family in Elgeyo Marakwet County is in distress after their class
five son went missing under unclear circumstances more than 11 months

Hassan Njue, 12 years, who is a pupil at Kimoi primary school in
Keiyo North sub county was reported to have gone missing on June 10,

According to her grandmother, Fatuma Chepkemoi, a renowned herbalist
in the North Rift region, her grandson left home with four of his friends
enroute to Eldoret town.

“My grandson who was under my care left home with four of his friends to
Iten town and we thought he would come back for lunch but he failed to
turn up,” said Chepkemoi.

Speaking to the media in Eldoret town, Chepkemoi narrated that come
evening, her grandson had not yet shown up, raising an alarm to the

She recounted that it was not normal for Njue to miss coming home
after going for errands with his friends to the nearby town.

“We mounted a search for him in various villages at night but our
efforts bore no fruits and then we decided to postpone our mission
until the following day,” she said.

Chepkemoi said that together with her neighbors, they resumed the
rescue mission which led them to Eldoret town upon being told by good
samaritans that some five boys had been seen walking towards that
direction the previous day.

“We reported the case to the Eldoret Central police station in the
evening after failing to trace him in various streets and estates in
the outskirts of the town,” added Chepkemoi.

The missing pupil’s mother Asha Chepkemoi, who operates a business in
Marakwet East sub county said that she was worried about her son’s

Asha said the only place the family has not bothered to search for
their kin is mortuary since they do not believe that he is dead but
hope he is still alive

I am in agony and distress about the safety of my dear son and I am
asking anyone with crucial information on his whereabouts to kindly
report to the nearest police station, ” she said.

She implored upon the Eldoret police to expedite search for his
missing son who is supposed to be in class six this year.

When reached for comment a senior police officer at the central police
station who declined to be named, said that police detectives from the
directorate of criminal investigations department are still searching
for the boy.

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