Eldoret:Scores of police officers reshuffled following heightened criminal activities!


 “I have reshuffled a number of police officers who have served for
over seven years in one station in the county to be transferred to
other counties,” said Mwanthi.

Uasin Gishu County Commander Benjamin Mwanthi

Scores of police officers in Eldoret have been reshuffled following
heightened criminal activities that have left residents and the
business community terrified.

Uasin Gishu Police Commander Benjamin Mwanthi said the move has been
necessitated by an upsurge in deadly cases of robbery with violence,
killings and burglary attacks in the recent past.

Mwanthi explained that he took the move with a view to restore public
trust and confidence in the police following hue and outcry from the
affected residents.

Addressing the media in his Eldoret office, Mwanthi noted that part of
the security measures he has effected to tame the vice included
reshuffling of police officers who have served for a long period in
one workstation.

The residents had decried run-away crime in the areas and blamed the
vice on some disgruntled police officers whom they claimed had
overstayed in their work stations.

According to Mwanthi, the aforementioned areas have been mapped out as
prone to criminal gang attacks by the residents as he reiterated his
commitment to bring the security situation back to normalcy.

“I have reshuffled a number of police officers who have served for
over seven years in one station in the county to be transferred to
other counties,” said Mwanthi.

The criminal gangs that comprise youth aged between 20 and 35 years
had declared curfew in the affected estates with local residents
calling for immediate intervention from the authorities.

“I have also deployed additional police officers from the central
police station to the affected estate to carry out a 24-hour day and
night patrol until the situation comes to normal,” assured Mwanthi.

The police Commander told the residents and the business community to
go about their normal activities since security had been restored
noting that they will not condone any acts of lawlessness in the area.

“We have so far arrested one suspect and seized a motorcycle that has
been used in aiding the criminal gang to carry out violent criminal
activities in the affected areas,” said Mwathe.

He said that the suspect who has been on the police radar and is now
in their custody is helping them with investigations that would lead
to the arrest of his accomplices in the criminal activities.

Mwanthi assured the residents of Eldoret town and its environs that
they have put in place security measures in areas prone to insecurity
with the aim of nailing down those involved in criminal activities.

A spot check by the People Daily in the affected estates showed that
residents have been forced to be indoors by 7:00pm due to an upsurge
of crime that include robbery with violence, knife stabbing and

A caretaker in one of the estates who sought anonymity for fear of
victimization blamed the soaring cases of crime to laxity on the part
of the police officers stationed at Ainabtich and Kapsoya police stations.

She alleged that some of the rogue police officers were colluding with
the criminal gang to perpetuate the vice she claims have led to
killing and injury of residents in the recent past.

“It is unfortunate that it is only in the affected estates that if you
are attacked at night by an armed gang and scream for help, nobody
will come for your help including the police who normally patrol
around,” she said.

She expressed her frustration in the hands of police officers when she
went to report about an incident related to a crime in the area, an
experience that has discouraged from visiting police stations.

“Instead of the police officer I made at the report desk listening and
acting on my complaints, he instead started to harass me and even
threatened to lock me in the police cell for spreading lies,” she said.

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