Demonstrations as human right defenders demand justice for kevin!


We will see to it that an independent postmortem is conducted to help the police in their Investigations

Human Right defenders demand Justice for the late Kevin

Civil societies are demanding justice for the late Kevin Otieno who is alleged to have been murdered in unclear circumstances after he was brutally beaten up by Uasin Gishu County enforcement officers.

A  Preliminary report from the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital has indicated Kevin suffered multiple injuries before his untimely death.

Preliminary MTRH report reveals Kevin Otieno suffered Multiple Injuries!

Human right groups led by the  Centre  against Torture, Basil Tears  and IMLU,are  now demanding relevant  government  agencies  to expedite  investigations  and  establish  circumstances around Kevin’s death.

“We will see to it that an independent postmortem  is conducted to help the police in their Investigations, Said Henry Maiyo from IMLU.

The County department of Criminal Investigations has failed in their mandate, county enforcement officers have been unlawfully detaining people under their watch, they should stop the ongoing unlawful detentions and human right abuses , Said Kirui.

Many of the street connected youth have complained of brutality, maiming and even murder purported to have been meted on them by certain County enforcement officers.

Victims of Kanju’s brutality, some nursing serious injuries in their private parts.

“We  are willing to identify  notorious  county askaris involved in such heinous crimes ,Eldoret rescue  centre is meant  for  children but once kanju arrest us  we  are taken at a  room within the  rescue  centre which can only  be  likened to Shakahola,we prefer police  cells and  the prison over  the rescue  Centre”Noted one of the  Victims.

Human right groups are demanding the closure of the Rescue Centre as it no longer serves its purpose.

“We demand a judicial inquiry into the allegations of murder and human right abuses by the county enforcement officers, Uasin Gishu County demands a robust independent minded County Commissioner and other key security officers who will rise above the local politics”He  added.

The systemic human right abuses witnessed in Uasin Gishu County have been linked to the acting Director enforcement Cosmas  Kerich who is  currently facing a criminal case  after he  threatened to kill a magistrate  on duty within the Municipal Court.

“We will be pushing his interdiction failure to which the  governor  of  Uasin Gishu Should be held personally  responsible for the atrocities being committed by the  county askaris, we  ask the  governor that for every ten county askaris  employed above three slots should be  reserved for  non -locals”  Asserted Kirui.

Similar demands have been echoed by Evans Aoko from Basil Tears Organization.

“Eldoret Shakahola” rescue centre,One dead in the hands of Kanju!

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